Dutch Oven - Cast Iron Comfort Food

Dutch Oven Cast Iron Comfort Food

A dutch oven should be at the top of your survival prep list. It has so many uses from boiling water, to melting snow, baking bread or cooking a nice stew. It comes in handy for camping or especially for SHTF survival. Really handy to have when the weather turns nasty and the power goes out. A dutch oven can be used with many different heat sources. Throw it on the wood stove to heat water, the barbecue or hang it over a fire in the back yard.

The best thing about cast iron, it will actually make food taste better. Try baking some corn bread in your cast iron skillet on the stove, rather than in the oven. This will be the best corn bread you ever tasted. One added benefit of a dutch oven is it will add a little iron to the food. Something important if fresh fruit and vegetables are scarce.

Since they are made from cast iron, a dutch oven is much heavier than a pot made from aluminum or titanium. If not properly seasoned, they can be harder to clean. My advice is buy from a manufacture that pre seasons their dutch ovens. Lodge make a very high quality, made in USA dutch ovens which can easily be cleaned with a green scrub pad. Their dutch ovens come in different sizes to fit your families needs and come pre seasoned. Lodge also makes ceramic coated dutch ovens, these are much easy to keep clean but they will not hold up well for camping use. These are better suited for inside the home oven or stove use. Lodge also makes a dutch oven tripod which will let you hang your oven over the campfire. They also sell cast iron lid lifters and holders.

You can't go wrong by owning a good Lodge cast iron dutch oven, this will out live you and can easily be passed on to your grand kids.


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