Top 5 Emergency Survival Radios

Top 5 Emergency Survival Radios

survival radios

An Emergency Radio should be at the top of your survival list

Survival Radios Keep You Informed When Disaster Strikes!

Kaito® Voyager Solar Dynamo Weather Radio

  • When the Unexpected happens You Better be ready - 11 Bands + NOAA Westher Alerts + Shortwave
  • 11 Bands - AM/FM, Shortwave SW1 & SW2 plus 7 weather bands
  • Durable Construction: Manufactured to be water resistant & has a rubberized body
  • 4 Way Power: Solar, hand crank, 3 "AA" (not incld), AC Adapter (not included) USB port for charging
  • 5 LED Reading lamp for Camping & Emergency, Includes power Tips for most Cell Phones
Product Description
Kaito Voyager Solar Dynamo Weather Radio, ON SALE! When the unexpected happens, it's more than a good idea to be prepared. This Voyager Radio is your link to the most current conditions, providing dependable information even in a total blackout. Built-in rechargeable batteries can be powered by a solar panel during the day and human cranking power at night. Or you can also add your own regular AA batteries. Details: Water-resistant, super-durable, rubberized body; 11 bands including AM / FM, Shortwave 1 and 2, Weather 1-7; NOAA weather alert sends an emergency wireless signal to the radio for local disasters; LED flashlight, reading lamp and SOS emergency light; Self-powered hand crank charging system; Adjustable solar panel captures energy from the sun or natural light; USB port provides standardized access to charge USB cell phones, iPod / MP3 players and more, also includes adapters for most non-standard brands; Dynamic wide-range speaker for crystal cl... More >>

Kaito® Voyager Solar Dynamo Weather Radio

Black & Decker StormStation All-In-One

  • Rechargeable emergency power source/radio/light with locator light that goes on when power goes off
  • 25-watt power source for low-wattage devices; AM/FM/TV audio/weather-band radio; detachable flashlight
  • Rugged plastic case with soft rubber 3-position carrying handle
  • Includes 12-volt charger
  • 12.3 pounds; 2-year warranty Product Description

Power electronics, small appliances.When storm emergencies hit, it's good to have electricity, light, and a radio. It's even better to have all those things together in one place and easy to find when the lights go out. Black & Decker gives you all the emergency essentials in one handy StormStation.How it Works
This portable unit is equipped with a weather radio, power inverter, and detachable flashlight. When the power goes out, the StormStation's "Find Me" light automatically turns on. Use its 25-watt inverter to power small, essential appliances, like a clock or a cordless phone to keep lines of communication open. Or charge your cell phone via the 12-volt recharging port.
Tune in news on the unit's radio.Listen to the built-in radio to stay informed about civil and natural emergencies--it tunes in AM, FM, TV1, TV2, and weather frequencies. Or remove the flashlight to help see in your darkened home.All of these ... More >>

Black & Decker StormStation All-In-One Rechargeable Power Source/Radio/Light #SS925

Swiss Tech Self-Powered Emergency Radio

  • Super-bright LED flashlight - high and low beam modes, red emergency flasher- signals distress or alerts oncoming traffic; includes flashlight LED, alarm flasher, manual phone charger
  • Easy to read compass large, 14 mm diameter, oil-filled, signaling mirror
  • Cell phone charging output, low voltage output for charging cell phones and MP3 players
  • Motion activated security alarm, motion sensor activates sonic alarm
  • Self-charging, powerful hand crank to generate power, state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries technology used in cell phones and laptops
Product Description
Be prepared for anything; indoor, outdoor, emergency or non-emergency. This self-powered 12-in-1 unit can generate power when you need, wherever you need it. Never worry about batteries for your flashlight. Never worry about charging your cell phone and MP3 player. The flashing red light, panic button and motion activated security alarm helps to protect you from harm - at home, while biking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and boating. If you get lost, the compass and signaling mirror can help you find your way or lead others to find you. BodyGard Survivor 12-in-1 Self-Powered Emergency Companion is the newest product in Swiss Tech's line of self-powered emergency preparedness tools. Its revolutionary design enables you to quickly power-up your cell phone, MP3 player, the bright white LED flashlight, red emergency flashers, sonic alarm and FM digital radio by winding a hand crank to generate power and recharge the battery. There's a built-in storage comp... More >>

Swiss Tech BGBXSV-PS 12-in-1 Platinum Series BodyGard Survivor Self-Powered Emergency Radio

Midland Emergency Crank Radio

  • Midland ER102 NOAA All Hazards/Weather Alert Radio w/ Emergency Crank
Product Description
ER102The ER102 was designed to be the perfect severe weather survival tool. The Dynamo crank allows you to recharge the radio and flashlight during a power outage or when away from a power source so you can stay informed with NOAA All Hazard Weather Alerts or local AM/FM broadcasts. 7 Preset Weather Channels Alert Override automatically switches from AM/FM to warn you of hazardous conditions 3 Alert Types- Display, Voice or Flashlight Flashlight Visual Alert perfect for the hearing impaired AM/FM Radio allows you to stay informed 4 Sources of Power- Alkaline Batteries, AC Adapter, Crank or Rechargeable Battery Alarm Clock - Wake to local Weather, AM/FM or Buzz Thermometer with Freeze Alert Telescoping Antenna provides crystal clear reception Water Resistant USB Connector- Allows you to charge your cell phone in an emergency Uses 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included) All Hazards Alert - in addition to important weather announcements your ... More >>

Midland ER102 NOAA All Hazards/Weather Alert Radio w/ Emergency Crank

COG Observer Wind-Up Emergency Radio

  • Emergency AM/FM/Weather Windup Radio
  • Exceptional AM Reception
  • Built-in 3-LED Flashlight
  • Cell Phone Charging Jack
  • Lighted Display

Product Description
The CC Observer is a wind-up emergency radio. The AM reception is exceptional and there’s an LED flashlight on the side of the radio. The CC Observer runs off of the built-in rechargeable batteries or 3 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included) if preferred. Of course, if you don't have alkaline batteries around, just wind-up the radio and keep it running as long as you need. It can even be used to charge a cell phone. Along with good AM reception, there is also the FM and the Weather band — which comes in really handy when using the radio during a power failure. There's also a stereo headphone jack for private listening.... More >>

CC COG Observer wind-up emergency radio

KCO Emergency Radio Survival Kit

Product Description
Emergency Radio Survival Kit - Red. Help ensure the safety of you and your family with this resilient emergency kit from KCO.With a crank power cell phone charger, flashlight and radio you'll be ready for anything whether on the road or in the wilderness. In addition a four function whistle with compass, thermometer, and magnifier is included.Be safe and be prepared with the KCO Emergency Kit.Features include:Dynamo Powered Cell PhoneHand crank charger (3 minutes of cranking provides 2-8 minutes of talk time or up to 30 minutes on standby)Works with Samsung, Motorola RAZR, Motorola, LG, Nextel, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera/Audiovox, and Nokia phonesDimensions: 1.125 x 1.75 x 2.5 inchesDynamo Powered RadioBuilt-in rechargeable batteries can be powered by hand crank operation (1 minute of cranking provides up to 30 minutes of radio play) or charged with 3-4.5V DC jack socket (not included)Or use with 2 AA batteries (not included)AM/FM and wrist strap3.5 mm Headphone... More info >>
Emergency Radio Survival Kit

BaoFeng UV-5R FRS HAM 

2 Way communications is critical in a situation where you may get separated from your loved ones or group members. The UV-5R FRS radio is perfect. At only 35 dollars it gives you a radio that is FRS/GMRS compatible.  It handles Marine VHF, and covers 2 meter and 70 centimeter HAM bands Read more...

By equipping your family with an emergency radio, it will keep you up to date of emergency weather conditions and inform you during disasters. Be sure to stock up on batteries or buy a self powered emergency survival emergency radio.


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